Copy SSD or HDD to another Drive and Resize Partition

Copy or Clone the ssd or hdd to another drive and adjust the partition size of your OS on the new drive ...

With the HDD Raw Copy Tool program you can copy ssd to ssd, ssd to hdd and vice versa,

you can make images of your drives and vice versa...

And with the AOMEI Partition Assistant program you can edit partitions, move them, increase or decrease them and much more.

  • 0:02 Introduction
  • 0:09 My choice is the program HDD Raw Copy Tool To copy or create images
  • 0:29 Select the drive to copy and click continue ...
  • 0:40 Select a drive or location for the image and click continue ...
  • 1:07 To start the process, click on START
  • 2:47 Now that I've created the image, I'll shut down HDD Raw Copy Tool and connect the second drive to write the created image on it and then turn on the HDD Raw Copy Tool again...
  • 3:38 Select the image and click continue ...
  • 4:05 Select the disk to restore the image and click continue ...
  • 4:18 To start the process, click on START and confirm with yes
  • 7:36 I will close all running windows. Next, I'll show you how to wipe the partition, or adapt it to your new drive. 7:52 There are many different programs for partition editing, I currently have AOMEI Partition Assistant installed 8:05 I will move one partition all the way to the right so that I can expand the middle system partition...
  • 9:28 That's it
  • 9:34 THE END

Necessary links ...
HDD Raw Copy Tool
AOMEI Partition Assistant
There are other programs, for example:
MiniTool Partition Wizard
EaseUS Partition Master
Paragon Partition Manager
Macrorit Partition Expert
IM-Magic Partition Resizer
NIUBI Partition Editor Free Edition
Cute Partition Manager
Active@ Partition Manager
On Linux
GNOME Partition Editor
KDE Partition Manager